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released February 8, 2019

Art cover by Omer Zimerman
All songs written, composed and arranged by
E. Tapash
Produced by N. Horovitz
Recorded and mixed by N. Horovitz & Rafael Cohen
Mastered by Jacobsky at Jaffa Art Studios

Keys & Synth by Gal Oved (track 4)
Synth by Nir Horovitz & Eyal Tapash (track 3)

Also Thanks to
The families of the mentioned above,
Omry Dov, Nir Schlezinger, Johnathan Zarum, Sasha Pompian, Golo, Ofir & Nimrod, Shalev Shveka, Nadav Fast, Assaf Shalev, Shablulim Festival, Microverse Productions and everyone that contributed and supported the making of this album in any way.


all rights reserved



PUFFERFISH Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

come dance
it off.

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Track Name: TINDER
Wasted out of my mind I'm in the
pub with a crazy bitch from tinder

So this guy took my phone and asked like you wanna check this app it's for free I asked isn't crap
He said look it only helps lonely folks like me
In need for love

A couple of swipes later I'm picking up this girl from down town foreign language she's not from around here we decided we'd grab a beer what happened next wasn't even near what I expected

She said open your mouth surprise it's acid
oh shit suddenly I'm tripping balls

She said you gotta be feeling it in your stomach
And I said you crazy bitch
You gotta be kidding
I mean why would you

I should've stayed home

She said open your mouth and close your eyes
Track Name: SLEEP
Fifteen million years ago
My guess nobody really knows
Endless knowledge on a phone
Multiple flavors shoved into a cone
To fill you with

Lemon trees and heart diseases pools and limousines
Violence or literature and
everything thats in between is false or sacred everything can slip under your knees
Hatred for the different and
Lots of stuff happen when you

What the hell is going on
I'm obsessed with electricity and guns
Endless news right in your hand
Multiple subjects forcing you to understand and be a part of

Lemon trees and heart diseases pools and limousines
Violence or literature and
everything thats in between is well devided everything can slip under your knees
Hatred for the different and
Lots of stuff happen when you

When you're asleep
Track Name: THINGS
Creatures from the sea below have claimed possession of our globe

I cannot prove them wrong but i can't recall
Not once I had a question like this before

Reapers from the skies and earth have come to teach about our birth

They said history is written by the winners so when i write my own I'm declaring victory so I fit with them all
reapers made up answers for me they offered me a new soul
and I said

Its nice to have this comfort for your inner war
But comfort leaves my soul with nothing at all

Who said a soul needs meaning to be relieved
There are some things I cant believe
Endless time will never give us what we need
There are some things we cannot see

Even if you hold your breath you cant avoid your certain death
It might surprise you in many ways wherever those reapers hide but as far we can tell
Nothing will promise your stay forever in this life

So if you don't mind I'll be here dancing with myself

متاخذونيش علا عربياتي المكسوره صللي سنين برية القصه ما بشوف منيح بلبس نظرات كنت استحي بس اليوم مش شايف حدا كلنا نفس الخره عنز لالذبيح
الريحه بتصطح وين بتهب الريح شاحطيتكو معه بريقكو غلا زمان
حرقت القهوه شربت جغمه حرقت لساني كمان مررقت حياتي وين مكان اليوم بعيد عن البلد امما مرات حاسس انو مخي علقان هناك
Track Name: MIND
From viruses and long lost cities to the medicine of our breed
If none of these are real
Then who is left to feed

From grains of sand and ice cold lakes to the shadows we do not see
infinite beliefs
How can i know their all real

Is this real or is it in my mind?

Memories i define they help me color my life and all that i could find is in my mind
I sleep with seven eyes guarding my dreams and lies and all that i could hide

I got nothing to do with this shit

From paradise and untouched islands to this air u actually breathe
Theres lots that we can heal
But nothing is for free

Blessed be the lives which hold light yet always give to receive
As our medicine deceives
Those shadows now i see are real, is this real or is it in my mind?

All that I could hide is so boring
sounds like la la la

Thinking too much about such and such can get you high
Come dance it off
If you have doubts if you feel out man sit up
come dance it off

Like a clown in a costume party where
James Brown comes in with a funky army
With no doubts if you feel out
If you feel down come dance it off like a clown in a costume party

Whatever dude come dance with

Come dance it off
Come dance with me
Track Name: JUNKYARD
You reek, thinking you're unique
Antique coffin built with an old technique
Never to be spoken of
But I got to sneak into an ancient Greek temple
There I found an experimental sound system from which i tried to learn it's wisdom.
But it never sunk in
There i found a coffin and i think it suits your skin.

Get inside in the name of will

Finally i can say
i can dance on your grave
Violently insane

Now I can
Say I can dance on your grave
Irony everywhere
Behave !

Freak, make the system speak
Got knobs to tweak so the work may be complete
I guess you'll have to lurk to find out about the fleet
Should be right under your nose between your feet when u notice it
That's the junkyard's crypt
If i were u i would stay the hell away from it
Leave it to the Greeks
Or to the future geeks
Get inside the coffin in the name of

what u seek in the name of will.

Have some respect and
Take your shoes off , boy
And keep your head down
Have some respect and hail the
Junkyard's Crypt

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